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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


yep.. nearly a month without a post. shocking. I really do apologize, I hope someone is still looking at this blog :)

well.. my only excuse is that I've really had my head down with the dissertation and the pre production on Reunion. There will be some uploads of artwork soon, and as an apology for a lack of updates I'm going to give away a free PDF artbook to every reader once it's done (late January)

Sorry again, and expect to read more soon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

hundredth post!

yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the hundredth post on the blog, an exciting day indeed. I will be marking this illustrious day with another load of concept uploads...

some wood panels, currently stuck up over my desk

A model (made from wire and fimo, and painted with acrylic) of the boy.

The following three images are colour studies of the journey that the boy makes from the base of the tree to the top. They are acrylic, and inform the colour scheme of the game more than the character or world design

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