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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

media, media everywhere!

ok.. well I now have a working scanner.. so...

mmmm, leaf prints (from old school potato stamps.. a fun evening :)) looking to possibly use this print style on actual assets in game

the cat (acrylic on canvas) very sharp forms which contrasts with...

the boy (acrylic on canvas) soft S curves

a concept image for the canon mini game (pencil, then wacom painting)

the boy hanging (pencil again) trying to work out the 3D form of the character, and almost getting it

hand study (pencil) a more focused attempt to work out how the character's hands work

leg study (pencil) same again, they're too long though

wiggle board mini game concept (pencil) notable for the back lighting style that i'm currently toying with

flash render of the character.. using the doohickey for making a less 'flash' looking character which i mentioned before. still needs work
.......more to come


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