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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The rush is over

Well, weekends without the internet are definitely an interesting experience, I have been painting a couple of canvases for my game pitch (these will be scanned for the thursday post, promise) and have generally had a blog and youTube less three days.

Anyway.. this is just a mini post to let people know about the reception Visiting Day got, as the entry figures seem to be waining.

I've logged roughly a thousand playthroughs of the game, and that's not counting the psp online play mode, which my stats software can't trace. 350 of the playthroughs logged were downloads of the gamepack, which means my game is now residing on 350 PSPs, which I consider a big deal. That's probably all the buzz for the game for now though, so back to concept art for Tree methinks, before my ego really inflates


Anonymous Andrew Cargill said...

Hey Mike only me, just wondered if you have been to see Phill Mansel yet the press officer of the university? He was a great help with the movie project, getting us featured in all the papers and many magazines. Paying for a professional press release can be very expensive and he'd be more then happy to do it for free as thats his job.

All the best,


12:15 am

Blogger mike said...

definitely the next step mate.. thanks for the tip

1:10 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

Well it's on my PSP ^_^

8:48 am

Blogger mike said...

oh thank you, what do you think of it?

9:38 am

Blogger Matthew said...

Congrats man. 350 people playing YOUR game, must make u well chuffed. That is an achievement. haven't played it yet but will download it for my pc soon. damn not being able to afford psp, will have to steal one from work, or buy one!

10:45 pm

Blogger mike said...

cheers matthew

11:08 am


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