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Thursday, September 14, 2006

collector's item of the future?


This image shows the custom designed Visiting Day publicity postcard. 25 have been made, and on the 30th of September they will be recieved by my favourite game design companies, magazines and newspapers. Coordinated with a press release (an altered version of the introduction which appeared on the blog back in June) these postcards will hopefully start the publicity for the game going.

This post is also part farewell, for the time being at least, as I'm moving soon... Once back in Wales I hope to unpack really quickly and get back online to carry on with the game, but if for whatever reason I dissapear for a few days, don't worry... I shall return :)


Anonymous gnome said...

Good luck!

7:49 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

Ooo I really like the design *wants one*

8:52 pm

Blogger mike said...

lol... hmmmm.. well i do remember promising those who showed support free swag.. so if u see me on campus feel free to ask me for one :)

1:43 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

Well I'll be at the IFSW party tomorrow :)

6:30 pm


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