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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Visiting Day Launched!

I know I've been missing for a while, but I'm back, and I come bearing gifts.

Today I release Visiting Day for PC and PSP two days ahead of schedule :) There is now a minisite on which you can access for both the PC and PSP versions of the game. It should all be working, but please report any bugs that you find. It's also worth noting that the psp version is being released both as an online game via my server, and a download to be transfered via usb (specifically designed for bus stop play).

Oh, and no music as of yet, Odeevil has been sick (even the immensly talented can catch colds) so that will be added into the game in a few days, alongside a blog post.

can I just take this oppertunity to thank those who've been involved in helping to promote the game, and those who gave the great advice on the beta. It's all really appreciated, and your stuff has really aided in making Visiting Day the game it is. Hopefully people will play and enjoy this game, and that's where I'm gonna have to ask you all for help again. Please blog this game, let it spread like wildfire over the internet. The beta recieved a good deal of attention, and I'd love to build on that.

Thanks again, and enjoy the game :)


Blogger Chentzilla said...

Impressive! Now, at least, I know how to access files on the PSP offline!
Looks like VD (oops, what a abbreviation!) fits nicely into the portable format, though I haven't tried in on the bus stop yet.
Hope it would become even better with Odeevil's help, may her get well quickly.

Can we put this game on our magazine's cover DVD?

7:20 pm

Blogger mike said...

of course you can.. pop that zip on to the disc and it'll work great. Any chance of posting me a copy if i email you my address?

11:45 am

Blogger mike said...

oh, and of course be sure to reference my site and blog urls :)

11:47 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooraaah! and congratuations Mike, you'll be featured on a premier russian magazine. Apparently on Gnome's Lair too (as soon as I can)!

Cheers mate, keep it up!

4:25 pm


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