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Monday, September 11, 2006

jobs left before the key test

well, I've completed the last list of jobs, so here's a new one.. things i have to do before the sit down play tests on psp that i mentioned earlier...

  1. fix the qte microgames so they too respnd to the difficulty settings picked at launch
  2. make it so the halving of the score, which happens if you fail, produces an integer rather than a decimal... i've seen my little sister score 130.329721089 too many times
  3. fix a couple of the fail animations.. they are a bit shit
  4. sort out the pc shell so it looks purdy. I really want the emulated pc version to be available on the 30th along with the psp version. No promises though.
  5. produce a little trailer for youtube
  6. prepare a list of email addresses of important industry types to send info on the game to. I will stop at nothing short of international fame for this game


Anonymous gnome said...

Be sure to add a naughty hidden level...

5:03 pm

Blogger mike said...

lol, still trying to work out a way of hiding a gnome in there :)

6:08 pm

Anonymous gnome said...

Gnome's general disclaimer: I never appear naked, unless a certain gnomette aproves of it and never do it for free...

Then again, that's a wise idea :)

11:58 pm


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