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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the invisible games designer


I'm still alive...

I'm using a university computer, and my girlfriend's logon to make this post, as we're still sorting out an internet connection at home. For the time being I will continue to be a bit sporadic in my posting. The game coding is going well.. and the new improved emulator for PC play is comming along rather nicely, so I'm all set for simultaneous release for PC, Mac and PSP. PSP will still be the favoured format, but at least those without can still have a go.

About to go for lunch with a couple of lecturers who have been kind enough to offer advice on the game, so expect another list of jobs to appear very soon...

more info (and media) next time :)


Anonymous Cargi said...

I got to play it!! wooop woooop! congradulations on the game mike it is coming along spiffingly lol. just wondered though if you would be adding some kind of highscore board, it would of be great to see where i ranked with my score of a wopping 1116 points (something like that anyway) compaired to everyone elses? really loving the website to man very good work :)

all the best, catch u soon


12:51 pm

Blogger mike said...

bad news cargi.. dave surman scored 4000 on one mini game alone yesterday.

Sadly the highscore thing, whilst cool, is nigh on impossible with the version of flash currently available on PSP.. something to add once they sort out database tools in the software.

2:23 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you too dear Mike help curb international productivity... Kudos

3:58 pm


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