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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


wow.. it's been over a week since my last post. Well, I'd like to say it's because of the sheer amounts of work I've been doing, the difficulty of my situation at uni and my hectic social life. That would be a lie though. The last week has been spent sat on my arse. It's a wasted week of my life. Today though, I decided to grab life by the balls again. I've enrolled in my university's gym to lose my love handles, had a chat about my progress with my lecturer, sorted out my room, and washed my dishes!

Oh, and my copy of Batman Begins arrived in the post.

Went to see Corpse Bride last night. I was incredibly dissapointed. The scenes in the land of the living were inspired, excellent design and characterisation. There's the obligatory Harryhausen reference, and all the gloomy minimalism I could have hoped for. When the action moves to the land of the dead, however, it degenerates to a piss poor array of stereotypes. Where are the cool character designs of 'Oyster Boy' or, and I hate to compare the two films, 'Nightmare Before Christmas'? Instead we have the stock maggots, spiders and dancing skeletons with bowler hats. That said, I may be being overly critical. My girlfriend loved it.


Anonymous guile said...

corpse bride is a wickedly gleeful banquet of morbid invention :)..

9:54 am


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