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Sunday, October 09, 2005

a better pic

Something just didn't sit right with me on my previous attempts at the two main characters, Tally and Dit (I changed the name when a friend told me 'flid' was italian slang for invalid, which made it too obvious, and verged on offensive... that will teach me to make-up names). I decided to draw the character designs back, simplifying them.. so this is the current look. The colour scheme matches some of my previous work, with white 2d characters moving on a colourful background. I think this could create a very calming aesthetic for the game.

Other than that I've written up my game concept document, which I will be presenting on Tuesday. That just leaves the rest of the proposal doc. Oh, and for anyone interested, I've been reading a lot of articles recently, well worth a look...

in my DVD Player: La Haine
in my console: Deus Ex 2


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:08 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

They look really cool, not saying there is anything wrong with the "thing" look, but they do look better now :) I like the white on colour but a touch of colour on them would be nice also :).

4:45 pm

Blogger Billy Allison said...

Yep, I prefer this drawing to the others ... nice one, I actually like it as white, but maybe, just maybe a a very light grey to shadow colour to give them roundness ...

(Flid i haven't hard in years, a mate from Liverpool who also went to Newport used to use it, and I seem to remember it meaning Thalidomide ... still not nice :| )

11:21 pm

Blogger mike said...

yep.. your definitely right about shading, something that will become an issue when they go 3D (I'll do that at some point)... I'm keeping them white.. i prefer them that way, and they'll contrast far better with their backgrounds

3:51 pm


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