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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i always hated wednesdays

ok.. so i've done lots of research now, and have built up my ideas... Research is obviously ongoing, but the focus will now switch to the development and organization of the game concept. Here's a basic summary of what the game currently 'is'.

'Tally and Flit'
Two characters wake in a field. In all directions all they can see is grass and sky. Tally is the larger of the two, strong, caring and creative. Flit is small, and has trouble walking without Tally's help. The two friends decide to go home. The grass is wet, however, and Flit has trouble moving along it. Luckilly Tally has a satchel full of planks and begins to build a path for them to walk on. The player takes control of the friends, constructing their path and moving them forward. There are various obstructions in the friends' way, and you must build the path around them, over them or below them. After playing for a while the game asks the player if they want to go online. If they chose 'yes' then slowly they begin to see over characters building paths, or the paths others have left earlier. These in turn become barriers and obstructions which must be overcome. Emergent gameplay happens when players start interacting, either by creating patterns together or, by using the seeds which flit carries with her, planting beautiful gardens together.

It could just work, and I'm gonna do some character sketches later to really help me visualize it. Gots to go now though, as I'm going to the theatre to see some dance... more on that tomorow


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