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Monday, October 03, 2005

impressionism <---> videogames

Compiling my research.. a bit of an excerpt from my impressionist section...

Many would argue that it is time for a movement not dissimilar from impressionism in videogame design. Impressionism was a response by members of the artistic community to the invention of the camera, and as a result the representative image. Monet, Renoir and their contemporaries felt that art should move away from the representational and towards qualities that could only be conveyed through the brush, such as the play of light, emotional responses to landscape, and the joy of the colours in a simple garden. ‘Photo-realism’ in games may sell consoles, but various game designers are trying to embellish upon their chosen field using non representational imagery. As science helped the impressionists, allowing them access to different hues through the discovery of new elements, so games designers are becoming freer to fulfil their aspirations through the rising power of games technology. I wish to use technology in my own games to enhance the play experience, and to extend immersion not through high quality texture maps, but through emotional investment and critical engagement.

Shouldn't have bought a freeview box earlier.. it's making it much harder to get on with work. Too many channels of shit to watch


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