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Saturday, October 01, 2005

pixel art

So I've begun on the pixel art brief.

The brief is to develop design documentation for a game while meeting one of ten criteria. I randomly selected the 'game must be calming to the player card'

I've decided to research the different methods of calming, so have picked up some books on buddhist calming techniques and landscape architecture, oh, and a gardening bible. I know I want to use nature as a starting point for my design process... anyway, best start a rolling bibliography of what I'm reading, and this is as good a place as any to keep it...

WAYMAN, A. 1997. Calming the mind and discerning the real. 2nd edn. India: Shri Jainendra Press

COOPER, C & TAYLOR, G. 1996. Paradise Transformed. New York: Monacelli Press

FELL, D. 1994. The Impressionist Garden. London: Frances Lincoln Limited

The reason I got the impressionist garden book is because of some research I've been doing into that particular art movement over the summer, I'll bring those books into the bibliography as soon as I find them. Oh, and based on an idea that's been gestating in my head for a couple of days I got a book on the history of pilgimages...

STOPFORD, J. 1999. Pilgrimage Explored. Suffolk: York Medieval Press

I'll carry on with my research now, and then on to work. Really should eat something at some point too.. i'm sure a bowl of dry weetabix (ran out of milk) is not the best food to work on. I'll post on my first idea at some point, but i'm going to let it grow some more first


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I'm an italian girl! I'm writing my thesis for my graduation and I was looking for Pilgrimage Explorer when I found you!
Would you e-mail me a chapter of your book? The chapter name is "Sacred journeying: womens correspondence and pilgrimage in the fourth and eight centuries" Julie Ann Smith.
My e-mail address is
Thanks and answer as soon as possible!

6:39 pm


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