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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

the big crit

Presented my game concept for real today. It went down reasonably well, but without the amount of enthusiasm it had in rehearsal. This isn't particularly shocking, as everyone had seen the majority of it before, and it must have been boring hearing the same again. That said I'm hopeful for a decent grade, and enjoyed seeing other people's ideas taken to their full extent. Ho hum.. I'm having a quiet evening in, which is a nice change. Playing with my new freeview box (the last one broke)

Wallace and Gromit was great, british nostalgic coolness. I am surprised at it's success in the US though, as so many of the jokes seem incredibly culturally specific. The fact that my girlfriend was there when they were wrapping it up (doing a bit of model work on the next series of Creature Comforts) made it even cooler, as it's always great see a film with someone who's passionate about it

oh, and apparently I'm in trouble for not naming the producer of the photo in my last post. Sarah Matthews, the beautiful and tallented photographer who I live with. Long may she produce the incredibly flattering work I sampled before. Three cheers for this brilliant tallent


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