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Monday, December 26, 2005

boxing day

Christmas is over for another year... just leftovers to enjoy now. And my shiny new wacom to play with. It's amazing how much control these things give you.. it makes my drawings look almost as good as they do when I use a good old fashioned sketchbook.

Anyway, back to work.. I've done some doodles for 'David', but nothing I particularly want to upload yet. Plus I need to come up with a new name. The game was originally autobiographical, so I decided to use my middle name for the title.. I just feel thats a bit lame now, so I will be comming up with something else.. sadly 'untitled flash project' just doesn't have the same ring to it :)

Mirror is comming along niceley.. flash can now take care of the imagery jules is finding, turning it into ripped up magazine pages at runtime. I'm still avoiding the issue of database handling.. but that has to wait for our server issues to get sorted out. Wow, I'm starting to turn into a bloody programmer. I'm terrified

here's another pic from the TV project, just to brighten up the blog a little


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