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Friday, April 27, 2007

Reunion hits Alpha!

yay! all in the name really

I now have a build of reunion which goes from opening to ending (that's where the new videos are from). I'm currently testing it with just about everyone I can find. I'm afraid there'll be no pre-release build put online for this project, as it kinda backfired with my last game, the media coverage for the game started with the beta, and had fizzled out by the time the game was actually finished.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the testing process has been the offer by some of the staff at Blitz Games (whom i visited a little while ago) to play through the game and give me their opinions. I've recieved loads of advice on pacing, level design and difficulty curves, which has led to direct changes in the game already. These guys (and gals) have been a massive help, and given me a bit of a wider perspective on the project.

So all in all, good progress so far, the game is still pipped for a May release, and I'll post again soon


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