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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

long time no blog

Wow, it's ages since I posted. Long time readers will know this is a common issue for me when I get my head down to work. So much new stuff to talk about...

The game
Development is going well, I'm halfway towards finishing the sound engine, so all the needed footfalls, music and environmental stuff is falling into place. The game engine has also been streamlined so as to run faster and more stable on more PCs. The game's lighting system does mean that higher spec PCs will run it better, but it's also scalable so it can be played on computers that are a few years older. The opening musician section is also done, so there's some neat electroplankton inspired note pulling to be enjoyed. All in all I'm well on track to my planned May 10th release date

The youtube videos of the game got a bit of attention, and got me invited to Blitz studios to chat about the game and take a look around. Blitz is an awesome british game studio with loads of games on all systems (reservoir dogs, spongebob squarepants and the Krusty Krab, Sneak King), and I got some really good advice on the game. I even got to meet Phillip Oliver, one half of the Oliver twins, creators of the Dizzy games. Everyone was really supportive and I hope the game lives up to their expectations.

Women in Games
The official unveiling of the playable game code is in a couple of weeks time, I've been asked along to the Women in games Conference ( to demo the game and introduce the project to a raft of new people. A great oppurtunity to spread the word on Reunion, I can't wait.

well.. I think you're all up to date now,I'll post again soon. Tommorow is the first Wii test, fingers crossed it works... we shall see...


Blogger gnome said...

Good news all around it is then and... Phlip Oliver! Amazing!

3:25 pm


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