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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Women in Games


really amazing

Such great work... here are some links great musician, really kind about Reunion a force of nature.. brilliant, plus I had the unenviable job of following her.. then my demo fucked up... long story amazing team, doing some really cool work drool.

all in all an amazing experience, far too much stuff to write about. All the speakers blew me away. visit again and click every link

As for my presentation.. It went well, I only got 8 out of my intended 20 minutes.. due to a massive computer balls up (not my fault) and resulting bouts of embarrassment (completely my fault). despite all this, people liked the game, and were really supportive. I have lots of business cards and lots of follow up conversations to have with people. It's amazing to get that kind of support after sitting in a darkened room coding for a couple of months. Suddenly a career actually making videogames doesn't seem like such a far fetched idea.

Thanks for reading.. I'll blog again soon :) xxx

p.s. if you are new, enticed by a business card, please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you...


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