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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Visiting Day stolen!

i guess i should be flattered really :)

feel free to spam dear readers :)


Anonymous Catherine said...

That's fucking stupid like a 14 yr old could make that :\ I'd give em a rude comment but I don't have a newgrounds account and I can't be bothered to make one ^_^.

Enjoying Sonic?

3:15 pm

Blogger mike said...

loving it.. simple, but fast and fun... awful soundtrack though, I had to switch it to the original japanese to actually stomach it, and thats hard in itself

9:36 am

Blogger gnome said...

Spam! Spammity spam, spam!



Guess this isn't the place to spam, is it?

3:07 pm

Blogger mike said...


12:43 pm

Blogger mike said...

it's been pulled.. yay!

3:00 pm


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