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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Day 2. (still 1% lol)

ok, those were some nice pics from chris, but i guess anyone reading this has no idea on what they are actually for....


The game takes the form of a slideshow, but with a difference. An innocent child (the one being so abley designed by Chris) asks the player to explain some images she's found on the internet. These range from movie kisses to images of rape, or darker forms of pornography. The player is then given magazine cuttings of words, which they must put over the image in order to form a collage which expresses the meanings they would place on it. After 4 images, the child grows angry, as from asking other players she got different results, she then chastises the player, telling them what the community at large thinks of these images, and attacking them for their diversion from the accepted norm.

Behind the scenes the game opperates through a mixture of flash animation (ala Chris) and HTML, Java and Access coding to handle the actual gameplay (ala me). Jules is taking a more design orrientated approach, having come up with the original idea, producing design documentation and finding our images.

Fingers crossed, eh.


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