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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Character (Day 14)

Well, with another big old chunk of coding done, here's another breakdown of my week
After making my last post I went home, and begun work on building in save and load functionality into the level editor, this would allow for data to be shared between the editor and the game engine proper.
In the morning I managed to get the game engine working with the .cat files generated by the editor. Cue dynamically created world from external files.
In the afternoon I did some of the groundwork needed to get a character into the world
My sole achievement on Friday was to get the character to fall, and to land on a branch. Sadly I had to go to work, so couldn't do much to expand upon this.
Added running to the characters abilities, he can now run down a flight of stairs. A couple of issues involved here in collision detection, but they were overcome
Had an accidental day off, played Zelda and watched Deadwood, a good day, but no games were made
Begun work on the jumping mechanics for the game, lots of bugs, but I'm getting there
Lots of bug fixing, and added sticky tree sap in the morning, decided to go shopping in Cardiff in the afternoon, bought The Day Today on DVD, got home and enjoyed the fine work of Chris Morris and Armando Iannuci
More bug fixing, and added wind to the engine, which prevents players from falling to their doom
cheers for reading, and here are some pics of the game as it stands (please note that the game graphics are placeholder, and in no way represent the final appearance of the game, they are really simple to keep programming easy).


Blogger gnome said...

Interesting as ever, and frankly the placeholder graphics do look kinda nice, kinda stylish... :)

Oh, and will you be releasing the editor with the game? Could be quite succesfull y'know. Have a look at "N".


3:08 pm

Blogger mike said...

cheers gnome

I always try to keep my placeholder graphics cute, as i spend so much time staring at them.

And as per the editor... hmmm, we'll see on that one. It's been suggested by several people, and if I feel the software is viable enough for people to use then why not. we shall see.

7:42 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Ok, I'll wait.

(grabs a chair, lights a ciggie, starts waiting)


6:20 pm


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