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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The level editor (Dev Day 6)

Ok, well, the first week(ish) of development is over, and I've got some neat stuff to show...

Friday and Saturday

Spent these two days (which I have less time on due to working commitments) sorting out the tile world engine on paper, drawing up the necessary plans. I find writing up this stuff before touching the computer very useful indeed, as it leads to more professional and considered work once I get there


Spent the day in Bristol, at the Silent film festival they were running. Watched a presentation by Paul Merton. Very good, but little help to game production :)


Begun work properly. Built the tile and associated camera systems in flash. This basically resulted in a crosshatch panning, but represented a big step. I realised that coding an engine to fill the tiles with content was neccesary, so I began work on that.


Continued work on the level editor, built in Paralax and layering system, strengthened the code so it was far more stable.

sorry if the post seems to short, I'm in a bit of a rush today, here's a picture of the editor as it looks right now...


Blogger gnome said...

Excellent and most interesting of posts! Oh, and the editor looks (needlessly, I admit) beautiful! Keep the diaries comming! Top stuff...

4:30 pm


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