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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas (or whatever you're celebrating)

Well, I'm back home, and as long term readers will know, the old internet connection I use down here is at best clunky. I also don't have access to all my files here, so nothing really to show. Trust me when I say, though, that the downloadable artbook is nearly done, as are my sketchbooks (scans of which will be put on this blog). I'm also writing up a design document, sections of which will appear on here in due course.

The deadline for preproduction is january 8th, so then the blog will convert to production diary, as I begin the rigmerole of coding what is, if im honest, an annoyingly complex and ambitious title.


Oh, and in other news, is now finished (ish) so head on over there to see how it turned out.


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